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How long from signing a proposal does it take before beginning project work?

Every project is different! 

We prefer to give a 2-4 weeks lead time, as we want to have everything ordered BEFORE starting the project. 

We provide a 1-hour consultation and initial estimate at no charge

Is there a charge for receiving an estimate?

What is your company's experience? 

As a company with 3 partners, we all share over 30+ years of experience when it comes to New Construction and Remodeling. 

Within your company, do you use Subcontractors?

At FCC Services we try to have everything done in house. We have limited amounts of  licensed subcontractors that we use for projects.

No. We also specialize in new construction. See our  "New Construction" section for more information 

Do you only do remodeling? 

At FCC Services 
we guarantee.... 

Our quality of craftsmanship lasts for 1 Year. Products through manufacturer warranty. 

  • We provide a 1-hour consultation & initial estimate at no charge

  • We provide a 45-minute consultation at our showroom to review the initial estimate and provide a revised estimate (if necessary) at no charge

  • Design Services start at $300.00 - This amount will be credited to the overall contract price if you decide to move forward with us for your project. If you decide to use another contractor, the design is yours to keep

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